The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

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inspired by [x]

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My whole family assumes I’m straight and it’s like if I say anything like “wow that girl is so pretty” they’re like “you’re pretty too don’t compare yourself’ like no mom the only thing I’m comparing is the width between her legs and how well I could fit.

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Remember all their faces
Remember all their voices
Everything is different
The second time around
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meanwhile in england

  • i am in a dress
  • everybody you talk to opens conversation with ‘FUCK it’s hot’
  • there are three hour long traffic jams for the beach
  • everybody not at the beach is at home wailing that it’s too damn hot
  • the shops have sold out of hair removal cream

it is 28°C how do you people do this ‘heat’ thing


americans laughing in the distance

australians laughing maniacly 



remember when disney, cartoon network, and nickelodeon used to make crossovers for their cartoons all the time





cartoon network




These were the fucking days I don’t care what anyone says

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And the scene between Cosima and Sarah in bed talking about life and death and science — I got to work with [acting double] Kathryn [Alexandre] on all of those takes and she wasn’t pulled out so I didn’t have to look at an X or whatever, so it was really quite intimate and lovely.
- Tatiana Maslany on working with her double/am I allowed to ship this? don’t care! doing it! (x) -
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